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Imaging products and optics find a wide range of applications in many sectors. We have decided to concentrate our actions on 4 lead markets.


More particularly transport, defence, agriculture and agri-food, luxury, pharmaceuticals, and machine vision.

The needs expressed in these sectors are extremely varied: crash tests, object tracking, quality control on production lines or offline, inline composition measurements, material deformation, ultra-fast 2D/3D dimensional measurements, disease detection on plants, detection of foreign bodies in agri-food or pharmaceutical flows, anti-counterfeiting and security, etc.

To meet these needs, we provide solutions based on high speed cameras, tracking software, artificial intelligence algorithms, spectroscopy equipment, lighting, etc.


And more particularly the fields of physics and life science.

The applications in these two fields are once again very wide.

For physics/photonics, we find: fluid mechanics, cold atoms, material damage, interferometry, lasers, astronomy...

For life science, we mainly work on fluorescence microscopy and confocal microscopy. Here we offer high performance scientific cameras, passive and active optical components, opto-mechanics, anti-vibration tables, lasers and LEDs, optical fibers, etc.

Academic research

This also cuts across the fields of industrial security and the fight against counterfeiting. The needs are mainly carried by the police and customs services. From the examination of documents, to the search for fingerprints and body fluids, through trace analysis, the equipment is technologically very varied. This is why we also offer training for this sector in addition to supply. We also have the ambition to offer specific developments, based on custom imaging systems and algorithms.

This market is not covered in the UK and Ireland.


This market has been historical at Photon Lines since its creation. The acceleration of the deployment of optical fiber is generating intense activity among players in this domain, from large operators to the fiber installation technician at your home or at your company. Our portfolio includes the most reliable and efficient connection and testing equipment for fiber optic networks. But we also offer high-end equipment for manufacturers of fiber optic products: special fiber fusion splicers, polishers, insertion loss analyzers, etc.

This market is not covered in the UK and Ireland.

Telecoms in fiber optic network
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