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In the words of our Founder, Éric Dréan : "The strength of the Photon Lines’ group is in the construction of teams with very high skills, which are ultra-complementary and at the same time perfectly autonomous. The challenge for the founders lies in the balances on all floors of the building, as much for distribution activities as for studies, services or production.

A strategic challenge is to free ourselves from the risks of dependence or monopoly while developing a high-tech and synchronicity model to exercise our professions as optical specialists with passion.

The trust placed in employees forms the foundation of the company, and Photon Lines relies on the talents that make up the company to seal the its future and the success of the project. The desire to establish shared governance is also fertile ground for personal development.

From 2023, Photon Lines, with the help of its historical partners, will produce its own products in spectral imaging and its own solutions in fluid mechanics. Always inclined to innovate, the company will position its growth on meaningful applications, useful to research and to citizens, while preserving and cultivating the unique character of its offer and the particularities of its markets.”

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