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Quality is everyone's business, and we are committed to involving everyone at Photon Lines.

Our customers are at the heart of this quality system: Photon Lines constantly listens to their needs and carefully measures their satisfaction, with the aim of always improving it.

On a daily basis, each member of Photon Lines, in each position, is made aware of this objective. And everyone is involved in this continuous improvement, by reporting all nonconformities, in order to rectify them and take steps to avoid their reoccurrence. Everyone’s input is valued, and all are encouraged to participate in formulating action plans.

Both Photon Lines SAS and Photon Lines Ltd are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We also operate environmental policies which conform to ISO14001. Photon Lines SAS also undertakes a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. We work on the theme of quality of life at work. We therefore asked each of our members to bring their life experience to the workplace. We have identified areas for improvement, and this has given rise to a concrete action plan which is being implemented this year. More than a wish, we are determined that all employees at Photon Lines experience pleasure and satisfaction in their work. The relationship and the sense of contact are part of our approach. It is a key for individual development, which must take its place to participate in the performance of the company.

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