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Who does what ?

The activities of Photon Lines’ group involve different types of jobs : technical sales, research engineer, technical support engineer, sales administration, logistics, finance, marketing and communication, product manager… Here are some examples:


Sales Manager, Physical Sciences

“I’ve been with Photon Lines Ltd since its inception in 2003. I have a Master’s degree in Lasers and Optoelectronics, which is an ideal background for this job. In addition, it is good to have an ability to problem solve and swiftly adapt to the ever changing sales environment. I love to discover new markets and applications, to work with our dedicated suppliers and colleagues at Photon Lines in helping recommend the most appropriate products for our customer requirements.”


Support and aftersales service manager

“I have been in this role for 3 years now. Photon Lines distributes equipment for many applications related to optics: high-speed cameras, lasers, anti-vibration tables, fingerprint fuming systems, etc. Therefore, having a coherent message with its customers is essential. Having a solid foundation in physics/optics makes it possible to fully understand everyone's problems and to be able to respond to them by providing the most appropriate solutions. Today, and always, solving a problem brings me real satisfaction. If in addition the resolution of this problem helps someone, then I'm happy!”


R&D Doctor Engineer

“I have been working in this profession for almost 4 years after having been a Technical-Commercial Engineer. Currently, a large part of my time is essentially aimed at designing specific products with innovative characteristics. I work on optical design, I communicate with mechanical and computer engineers, I set up test and validation benches. I also act as a trainer and advanced technical support for our sales teams. It is a job where you have to be open-minded, like to acquire new skills, know how to adapt, and have a good analytical mind. I am fortunate to be able to exercise a profession that is both creative and scientifically demanding, which allows us to develop an intimate knowledge of the products that we market.”


Sales Administration Manager

“I am delighted to be part of the Photon Lines team as a sale administration manager! I am responsible for supervising all sales management operations from sales engineers or R&D. My mission therefore extends from the registration of an order to its delivery to the customer and then invoicing, without ever losing sight of quality and customer satisfaction. We never get bored ! I appreciate the diversity of the fields and the collaboration with all the departments, this is what makes my daily life enriching. There is a place for people, autonomy and trust. The close relationship with the managers, who are always ready to listen, allows employees to be proactive in developing and optimizing processes.”


Logistics Manager

“I have been logistics manager since July 2020. To exercise this profession at Photon Lines, you need a good knowledge of logistics, particularly in the field of transport, inventory management and flow management. What I like the most in this job is to find and implement solutions to improve processes, and thus improve customer satisfaction!”


Sales Manager

“For 3 years, I have been manager of the French Physics Photonics & Bio-imaging team. Having a good knowledge of the market and applications allows us to focus on what matters to our customers. You have to know how to use the skills of our teams wisely and be able to develop them in a high-tech world. The ability to animate and create cohesion is important for building strong teams. Today I have the opportunity to actively participate in an ambitious project while developing our teams so that the whole company achieves its objectives!”

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