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Supplier testimonials


Sales Manager – PCO

“From the very beginning we felt the same spirit of commitment and customer orientation, in combination with the desire to deliver imaging technology which is always a step ahead of the competition. After more than two decades of close cooperation I’m happy to see that this enthusiasm is still alive. Whilst both Photon Lines and PCO have grown considerably since those early days, that same spirit of cooperation and teamwork exists today, and our strong relationship remains the basis for a reliable and productive partnership.”

Walter Tutsch – Sales manager – PCO

Sales Manager - Foster&Freeman

“What I appreciate about working with Photon Lines is their extensive knowledge of customers and equipment. Our companies have been cooperating for more than 12 years, so we can focus on our contribution as a manufacturer, while Photon Lines takes care of the rest. If necessary, they are available to assist us, in addition to being friendly, so always a pleasure to work with them.”

Romain Le Bloa – Sales manager - Foster&Freeman

Europe sales manager – Vision Research

"I have worked with Photon Lines for 4 years as the Channel Manager for Vision Research. The standard of the sales team is very high, both technically and commercially. It is a business of high energy strong management and wonderful geographic and market coverage."

Simon Wintringham – Europe sales manager – Vision Research

Directeur Général – Omicron Laserage

« We consider Photon Lines one of our most trusted partners, with whom we have been working together for many years. As they share our focus on customer orientation and high-quality service, we always appreciate the drive and motivation of this knowledgeable and reliable team.»

soenke baumann omicron laserage

Global Product Manager – Molex–Polymicro

“It has been a sincere pleasure to partner with Photon Lines over the past several decades. It can be challenging to represent a diverse offering of technical products, but Photon Lines more than rises to the occasion. They have a deep understanding of the market at large as well as the individual niches that it is comprised of, and with their customer-centric foundation, they never cease to provide outstanding support to their customer base.”

COREY HOSHIWARA – Global Product Manager – Molex-Polymicro

Sales manager EMEA – Fitel Furukawa

“Photon Lines has been one of FITEL’s longest lasting partners. We started business with the company nearly 20 years ago and throughout this journey we managed to achieve very good results. The knowledge and industry expertise of their team really make Photon Lines stand out from other companies in the area.”

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